Digital, Technology, and Data

With more innovation in technology, new businesses are created. With more business, technology comes to the rescue by making things easier. The two exist in something of a symbiotic relationship that ensures they will always coexist. Business has been around since prehistoric times. It may have begun with nothing more than barter trade, if the history books are to be believed, but it has since morphed into something far more complex, and none of that would have been possible without technology. The major industries of the world would collapse, if the existence and use of information technology were to be snatched suddenly from businesses. That's because most business transactions and operations cannot be conducted in the 21st century without technology. Over the years, technology has caused an explosion in commerce and trade. Because of technology, many traditional business models and concepts were revolutionized. Technology gave us the opportunity to see things from a new perspective, and to approach what we were already doing from a new perspective. Technology also gave us greater efficiency for conducting business.

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